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space Un

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Photo by Masaki Ogawa
Photo by Masaki Ogawa
space Unすぺーす あん
東京都港区南青山2-4-9 KLO南青山ビル 1F
アクセス青山一丁目駅(東京メトロ銀座線, 半蔵門線, 都営大江戸線)5番口 徒歩5分
乃木坂駅(東京メトロ千代田線)5番口 徒歩11分
    space Un is a newly conceived arts and culture venue in Tokyo focusing on Contemporary African Art and cultural exchange between Japan and African countries. Initiated by Ms. Edna Dumas, the space originates out of her passion for Contemporary African Art and her desire to support African artists. It offers a unique platform in both Japan and the wider Asia region to give visibility to Contemporary African Art, hosting exhibitions showcasing artists and artworks from the collection of Ms. Dumas as well as curating commercial shows. Co-founded by actor and artist Yuta Nakano and the cultural entrepreneur Lothar Eckstein, space Un embraces a cross-disciplinary programming beyond visual arts ranging from music events to readings. As the space solidifies its reputation, activities will expand to include artist residencies, grants, publications, launching limited edition artworks and more.

    space Un is located in the Aoyama area of Tokyo and is designed by architect Mr. Go Hasegawa. It embodies Japanese elements of creative and efficient use of space as well as Ms. Dumas’ African heritage, which lays the foundation for the dialogue between Japanese and African cultures from across the continent that the venue seeks to enhance.


    デルフィーヌ・ディアロ「The Warrior Journey」