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5人展「ベリカード」- 彼方からのピクセルアート -


2023/11/25(土) - 12/10(日)

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■ capsule toy machine
■ “verification card” limited time silkscreen print
During the exhibition, the artist's design will be printed on T-shirts, hoodies, bags, and other fabrics (100% cotton) on the spot.


亀戸アートセンターは、ピクセルアート作家 ヘルミッペのキュレーションによる、APO +、m7kenji、zennyan、ヘルミッペ、モトクロス斉藤の5人展「ベリカード 」- 彼方からのピクセルアート- を開催します。






Kameido Art Center is pleased to present "Verification Card" - Pixel Art from Beyond, a five-person exhibition curated by pixel art artist Hermippe, featuring APO +, m7kenji, zennyan, Hermippe, and Motocross Saito.
We got to know Mr. Hermippe a few years ago, and when we saw his work, which combines analog and digital expressions in dots, we thought, "I don't know what it is, but he is doing something very interesting, and the graphics are simply really cool! We were very pleased to offer to hold an exhibition for this reason.Every year since then, we have been touched by the enthusiasm of the artists and their fans in the pixel art world who gather at the gallery for his exhibitions, and we have come to realize the excitement and pay attention to the world of pixel art, which we believe to be incredibly deep. We wanted to hold a group exhibition that would give visitors a glimpse (even if only a glimpse) of the current state of pixel art/dot art, and asked Hermippe to curate this exhibition.
The world of dot pictures, a form of graphic expression born from the technical limitations of old arcade games and the Famicom (NES), has expanded greatly with the global spread of the Internet in the 1990s, thanks to its high affinity with the Internet and the ease with which anyone can draw it, Today, we can see various forms of expression, both digital and analog, by people of all ages and genders.
The world of pixel art, which is popular among many people because of its ease of use, is a field with many unknown aspects that remain to be seen how it will develop in the future due to its diversity. In this context, the pixel artists participating in this exhibition are pursuing their own new forms of expression, transcending the boundaries of genres and media, and expanding their own paths and fields of activity.As mentioned above, we expect the exhibition to give viewers a sense of the "present" of pixel art through exposure to their work.
Please take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

*The verification card used in the title of this exhibition is a card sent in return for reporting the frequency, location, and time of reception to a radio or other broadcasting station. The gallery is likened to a radio tower, and the act of receiving new impressions by encountering unknown works transmitted from the tower is likened to a kind of communication that occurs between listeners and broadcasters through the use of verification cards, hence the title of this exhibition.


■ APO+
He creates pixel art using a variety of tools, including 3D modeling software and video processing software. He creates a series of linked works based on his unique fictional worldview. He is currently working on the "Repair+Reaper" series, an "if" worldview inspired by a viral pandemic.

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■ m7kenji
ピクセルをベースに映像からグラフィック、アプリまで手がける。ゲーム「BUGTRONICA」やアプリ「PixelTweet」をリリース。多くの映像作品で実績を積む。近年は、羽生結弦単独公演「RE_PRAY」映像演出、UT From MoMA’s「PAC-MAN」デザインなどに参加。HANDSUM inc.所属
He works on everything from video to graphics and apps based on pixels. Released the game "BUGTRONICA" and the application "PixelTweet". He has worked on many video productions. Recently, he participated in the video production of Yuzuru Hanyu's solo performance "RE_PRAY" and the design of "PAC-MAN" at UT From MoMA's. He is a member of HANDSUM inc.

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■ Zennyan
Pixel artist working across art, design, and entertainment domains.

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■ ヘルミッペ Hermippe
Pixel art of landscapes, flora and fauna.
Risographs, cassette tapes, live drawings, embroidery, and video.

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■ モトクロス斉藤 Motocross Saito
Pixel artist whose works mainly depict details and the atmosphere of everyday life. Based on his childhood familiarity with hip-hop, he depicts universal landscapes and objects that are not in the spotlight. After majoring in graphic design, he encountered pixel art and has been actively working with it. He has provided illustrations and images for advertisements and music videos.

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作家・出演者APO +, m7kenji, zennyan, ヘルミッペ, モトクロス斉藤
会場亀戸アートセンターかめいど あーと せんたー (Kameido Art Center)
東京都江東区亀戸9-17-8 KKビル 101
東大島駅(都営新宿線)大島口 徒歩12分
亀戸水神駅(東武鉄道亀戸線) 徒歩12分
亀戸駅(総武線)東口 徒歩20分
会期2023/11/25(土) - 12/10(日)
時間平日 16:00-22:00
土日 13:00-19:00